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An example to illustrate

Before Mooffanka

NPO, an imaginary Non-Profit Organization, has a site which it uses to promote the company brand as well as marketing and fundraising. NPO is made up of a main office and many satellite offices around the country. Therefore they also use their site to keep the various offices connected, as well as a document repository for tier various partners. The site is managed with traditional technologies and contains a password protected area for authorized users only. NPO has a maintenance contract with the company which originally created the site. All the updates to the site therefore undergo the following process:

  1. An NPO staff member writes a new document to be inserted into the site.
  2. The document is then passed to the Director of PR for approval, who decides to make some changes, and then sends it back to the staff member to b inserted into the site.
  3. The staff member makes the corrections and sends the final document to the webmaster.
  4. The webmaster creates an html page, formatting it according to the original document, and inserts it into the site.
  5. The webmaster notifies the NPO staff member that the update is complete, who in turn notifies the Director of PR.
  6. The Director of PR prepares a note for upper management about the document and notifies all.

The entire process requires a few days and the webmaster was paid x dollars to add the document, and x dollars to update the menus and links in all related pages.
The process is costly, both in terms of time and money, so NPO decides to convert to a advanced CMS platform - Mooffanka.

After Mooffanka

Once the new system is in place, the process describes above is replaced by the following:

  1. The NPO staff member writes the new document directly online.
  2. The director of PR views it, makes changes, publishes it, attaches a note for upper management’s eyes only, and finally places it into the Document Tree so that it will be visible in the menu.

From the time the document was written, to when it was placed in the menu, the new document cost 0 dollars, and just the time necessary to read and approve the document.

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