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Oops... I am thinking to Mooffanka 2009 (or 2010) and so the download of the old 2004 version has been suspended.

So what is Mooffanka WCMS?

Well, Mooffanka is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) written in Javascript.
You see, everything in a site (pages, pictures, music and whatever else a site can contain) is considered content, and a WCMS allows you to manage that content... thus the name.

There are dozens of good WCMSs currently on the market, so why choose Mooffanka?




Mooffanka it not template based.

This is extremely important as it is this feature which allows you to make entirely original sites. With most other WCMSs, designers usually have to try and "squeeze" a design into a preformatted template. That's not fun. Mooffanka is entirely template free, so you can make any kind of site you want - from very simple, to complex layouts; from html output, to flash animations; from entire websites to RSS feeds. Whatever you want to do, is possible. Now that is power.

Mooffanka because its FREE!

Being an Open Source project, Mooffanka's source code is available to all and may be used freely by anyone - regardless of what you want to do with your site, you will not have to ever pay to use Mooffanka. If you're a designer, that means that you'll be able to pass that savings onto yourclient. Or if you'll be iplmenting your own site, then no one can charge you for Mooffanka. That's it.

Users love Mooffanka because it's crazy easy to use.

But just because it's simple to use, doesn't mean it isn't power packed. Mooffanka includes lots of system tool packaged in, plus you can always create your own add-ons. Once the site is up and running, users will be able to take advantage of the easy to use interface to "fill it up" - publish pages, add stuff to menus, upload files to libraries, and manage any of custom tools (ex. catalog, e-shop, etc.). And should they ever need help, there is a MooffankaHelp site freely avaiable for end users. Logo Donate to Mooffanka at

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